Being an Entrepreneur Can Be Exciting & Rewarding...little technical glitches and changing technologies can be frustrating and time consuming and bring everything to a grinding halt!

Imagine Being Able to Send a Quick Email & Have Your Tech Issues & Tasks Taken Care of

Your business is setup. You're creating content daily. You're making offers.

And then...out of nowhere you notice something… you want to do more, you want to add an upsell, maybe an order bump, change out your lead magnet, create an automation in your ConvertKit account, add a new step to your funnel…but how?

You aren’t a “tech-guru”.. This whole process was setup by a someone in a program you used to belong to, you hired some guy on fiverr… you know what you want to happen but not how - you just WANT IT TO WORK!

You don’t have the time or desire to waste hours on YouTube, scour the help docs (which are probably outdated anyways), ask in Facebook Groups only to be pitched by some guy in your DM’s wanting to help the “pretty lady” (you know it’s true) so what do you do???

Tech can be complex… systems are always changing and often take more than just one platform to make what you want to happen...actually happen!

Who's Got Time For That? Not You!

You need TelaTech Online Business Tech Assistance

Imagine having someone who can help you who knows how all the pieces work together, is able to see the systems & automations you need, and can make the best recommendations for your business and budget.

My name is Angie, and my team and I are dedicated to helping your online business run smoothly.


“Working with Angie has been the most amazing experience. I learn so much from every one of our calls together, and she’s beyond helpful with every tech problem imaginable!

I can’t imagine the tech side of my business running this smoothly without her expertise and willingness to jump on a call to help. Angie you truly are a gift!" - Vivienne S.

Vivienne S

Nourished Mama Nutrition

Whether you are a brand new online coach, course creator or influencer or a seasoned entrepreneur you know that technical glitches and changing technologies can be frustration, time consuming and can bring everything to a grinding halt!

The ideas are forever flowing... the little glitches never stop...

And in order to bring your ideas to life, fix the glitch and keep the online business train moving you need someone who you can reach out to, tell them your issue or what you want to happen, someone who is up to date on all the latest and greatest tools and strategies being done in the ever-changing online business space..

I call it TelaTech Online Business Tech Assistance

... personalized tech assistance for your online business - think TelaDoc© but for your business.

first step:

You apply for the TelaTech Service by completing the application with your current systems, offers, tech, and tasks you would need help with. - This is done to make sure we are able to serve you at the highest value possible.

Second step:

We will review your application and determine if the current state of your business is ready for our low-cost TelaTech Services or you need a more 1-1 custom plan created.

Third step:

I set aside one day to work with you, get acquainted with your business, your current software stack, your offers and programs and extend the offer to sign up if we feel it's a good fit and we get started with your first few requests.

Fourth Step:

We then send you a form to submit any tasks you need assistance with during the month. If any of your tasks need a little more clarification or would be easier explained over zoom, our team will send a request to meet for a quick 10 min., gather the necessary information and complete the task/fix the issue.

We currently offer our TelaTech Service to coaches, course creators and online influencers with current offers, products and programs who need assistance with...

Funnel Fixes

Need someone to review the setup details of your funnel? Setup products for sale?

Email Automation

Need someone to review the setup details of your funnel? Setup products for sale?

Membership Fixes

Need help setting up your membership levels, allowing access to content, configuring membership plugins?

Calendar Integrations

Want to take appointments, applications, setup coaching calls? How about integrating Calendly, Acuity, or Book like a Boss?


Sometime apps don't integrate directly, that's when Zapier comes in. Let me help two systems talk to each other and systemize your business.

Funnel Integrations

Need to integrate another system with your funnel? What about your domain, meta data and post-sale actions?

"Angie has been such a pleasure to work with! Tech can be a little overwhelming, but she has a really concise way of explaining all of the different parts that are necessary for my business. Angie has been highly responsive to my messages and questions, which is so helpful when you're stuck in the middle of something. Thank you so much, Angie; I look forward to our next project together!"


CEO Awakened

In addition to all that, I also offer these extra’s to my TelaTech clients:

Open office hours to ask questions, get recommendations and pick my brain

Sometimes you just have a question, you try something yourself and just need the reassurance you are doing it right, maybe you are toy-ing around with an idea that you need a second opinion on. That's where the office hours come into play.

extra one

extra two

Personalized tool/software recommendations for your current offers & services

More often than not I hear people tell me every single day that they want to change platforms because they heard about a “new one” but in reality there is nothing wrong with what they are already using. And… more often than not the person that told them it’s better is simply telling them this because they have an affiliate link - they are making a suggestion for you for their financial gain not for what is in the best interest of your business.

Discounted full website, membership site and funnel building services

I set up this service to help with current tech you have setup, adjustments, tweaks, additions, integrations, automations etc. but what if you need an entire website or sales funnel? We do that too - and you get a discount!

extra Three

Are you the next online business owner I get to work with? Let’s find out!

Each month I take on just four new clients.

I’d love to see what you’re up to, and if we’re the right partner for you. We have a few questions, and then I’ll set up a call with Angie, the Technically Smart Blonde herself, to make sure I’m answering all your questions.

Set Up a call today!

Angie Minucci

Owner of Telatech

About Angie Minucci:

For the past 11 years, Angie has helped many 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs navigate the often confusing technical part of building their online business as The Technically Smart Blonde.

Angie is currently making her mark on the internet as the founder of TelaTech®, The Sell Your Knowledge Podcast and Speaker. Angie has equipped hundreds of entrepreneurs with the systems & tools they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses.

Today she works with her team to bring entrepreneurs the best recommendations, automations & systems to navigate the fast paced and ever-changing landscape of selling their knowledge online. She loves to help others acquire, retain and convert leads into recurring revenue with automated systems.